Ellie is our very own Welsh Wonder. Given it’s her birthday tomorrow, and she’s currently on holiday somewhere a lot hotter and more exotic than it is here, it seems like a good time to distract us all from how envious we are with ten things you (probably) don’t know about her…

1. I lived in Sicily as part of my degree. As the world’s biggest pasta and pizza fan, this was right up my strada as I ate it to my heart’s content (although probably not great for the ol’ heart admittedly).

2. I can speak French and Italian. I’m a tad rusty now after graduating with a degree in it in 2012 but Me la cavo / Je me débrouille. (I get by). (What a pretentious dick, right?)

3. On my 8th year at Glastonbury Festival, I finally found out how to get into the infamous Rabbit Hole, which resulted in me and two friends playing tea party games with three Alice in Wonderland characters, shotting carrot tequila, being dressed up in ball gowns (which we were allowed to keep, meaning it ending up covered in mud) and performing an unrehearsed dance on a teeny stage for the Rabbit Hole bar punters.

4. After I graduated, I went travelling around South America, which included a stay with a family on Puno’s Lake Titicaca. Safe to say this was one of the most surreal nights of my life. I was absolutely knackered so settled down for a nap (more on this later) in our hut, but before I knew it I was being dressed in traditional Peruvian clothing and dragged to a town hall where we performed an unrehearsed dance for the locals (why does this keep happening to me?). Genuinely still not sure if it was a dream.

5. ** SHIT HOT CLAIM TO FAME ALERT TO RIVAL ALISON NEARLY BEING IN A BON JOVI VIDEO **I once met Pauline Quirke from Birds of a Feather when I was about 9 as she was doing some filming on the road next to my house – I was too nervous to get her autograph so my (mouthy) friend got it for me. She got my name wrong in the autograph. I didn’t even particularly know or like her, so I don’t know why I was so nervous. 15 years later I met Linda Robson at a work event. So basically, I KNOW ALL OF BIRDS OF FEATHER CAST, OKAY?

6. I’ve had a drink in what was once David Bowie’s favourite bar in Berlin

7. I’m a member of the Female Empowerment Network in Bristol – you should join, it’s amazing

8.I was once in Luke Pritchard from The Kooks’ Top 5 on Myspace. Myspace Gen will understand the significance of this.

9. Alex Turner is my god. My ideal way of winding down is watching Alex Turner interviews on YouTube. He is just so fucking funny. And hot AF, obvs, but that goes without saying.

10. I am the queen of naps. Lay me down anywhere and I can sleep there.