Jo Hunt, apparent Spanish Pirate descendant (or not) and qualified whiskey aficionado, has recently joined the Wonderland family to help us deliver kick-ass work on client projects. We are yet to see ‘The Screeching Banshee from Essex’ in action but we’re on the case and will report back, don’t worry.


To help us all get to know Jo that little bit better, we asked her to tell us the traditional ’10 things we probably didn’t know about you’. Fire away Jo…


1. When I was two my house was struck by lightning and we had to move.


2. I was obsessed with West Ham United growing up – I had a season ticket, went to all the away games too, and my heartthrob was Julian Dicks – I had posters of him everywhere. Next to the ones of Tony Mortimer from East 17, obvs.


3. I took a break from PR for a bit in my twenties and worked as a teacher for 6 years, teaching English as a foreign language. My proudest moment was teaching a class of 6 year old South Koreans pretty much the entire script to the Lion King, and cried when they performed it to their parents, absolutely perfectly. They even sang ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight.’ Sob.


4. I have an official qualification in ‘whiskey’. Hic. I love talking about and learning about drinks in general and brewing and distilling and all of the history behind it.


5. Obligatory favourite PR moment story: I once did a favour for the Foo Fighters’ manager, (he asked me to send a fax to his accountant for him – and I did – really well – it was just pure rock and roll) but he in return let me on stage with the band while they performed. It was nuts! Though I must add this event was on a par excitement wise with when Handy Andy rang me asking where the car park was.


6. The only thing I can remember about university is singing in a rock band and being dubbed ‘The Screeching Banshee from Essex’ in my first ever review. I was mortally offended – I’m from East London and proud of it!


7. I am the world’s worst baker. My white chocolate cheesecake is pure torture. It wouldn’t be out of place in a Homeland episode with Carrie freaking out about the unnatural amount of butter involved.


8. Depending on the number of shandies I’ve had, I tend to think I’m: a) Adele, b) Early nineties Madonna or c) Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes (RIP). Do not let me near the karaoke, ever.


9. My favourite TV Show is Who Do You Think You Are. I got mildly obsessed with genealogy when my Nan told me I was descended from a Spanish Pirate. On investigation it turned out she got ‘Spanish Pirate’ mixed up with ‘General Man from Ipswich’ but what the hey, I do love a family tree.


10. Despite having lived and worked in South Korea, Spain, Italy, Up North, and now the glorious South West…..I still sound like Peggy Mitchell at kicking out time. And my favourite food is Pie and Mash.


If you fancy a chat with Jo, drop her a line on