Our wonderful Senior Comms Consultant James has been with Wonderland since day one and we have LOVED having him on this journey with us. James always gives 110% in his work, but this time he has given 130% by providing 13 things you didn’t know about him for our “10 things you didn’t know about…” series. (Clue’s in the title, James).  Quote:”There are 13 things in there because I’m so interesting”: James Rich, November 2017. From hob-nobbing (kinda) with Dame Shirley Bassey, to a year living in Barcelona, it’s safe to say Mr Rich is a pretty interesting fella.  We however cannot yet vouch for James’ claims about making a mean roast dinner (see point 7), and demand to be made one so we can confirm.

If there’s one thing everybody knows about me, it’s that I hate talking about me, myself and I*. So here goes…

1. I have been in PR for 10 years this year. Yes, I know I don’t look a day over 22. It’s the genes.
2. My most PR moment ever was while publicising the launch of the Great House on Necker Island after the fire in 2011. I was woken up at 1am and the voice on the end of the line muttered the words that strikes pure fear into any budding PR: “James, I have Anna Wintour’s office on the line.” The HORROR!
3. My second most PR moment of all time was while hosting an event at the Savoy and literally bumping into the legend that is Dame Shirley Bassey in the corridor. I stood frozen while she glided past with her entourage. Pure magic.
4. A true born and bred Somerset boy, I come from an illustrious cider family dynasty. My family have a cider farm at home and make the best cider on the planet (true fact).
5. I studied performing arts at college and trained in ballet four days a week. A proper twinkle toes.
6. Tom Hardy is my best friend. By best friend, I talked to him on the phone once and we now share an undeniable love bond. Hiya Tommy!
7. I cook a mean roast dinner. My Yorkshire puddings are a sight to behold, even if I say so myself.
8. I trained as a radio broadcaster last year [insert joke about having a face for radio here].
9. I moved to Barcelona in Spain in my early twenties. I packed a suitcase. Booked three nights in a hotel. And stayed for a year. Best year EVER!
10. The Lion King is my favourite film of all time. Cinematic perfection.
11. I speak six languages.**
12. I have a phobia of sponges. It’s the texture. Especially when I think about biting into one! I JUST CAN’T WITH THAT!
13. When I was a wee boy I dreamed of becoming the next David Attenborough and wanted to be a marine biologist. So, I naturally got into PR instead.
*Not actually quite true. My Countdown specialist subject would be ME, ME, ME!
**Also, not actually quite true: I cannot speak six languages but it’s something people say to sound interesting and worldly, right?!