Knock on the door, it’s number four! Here’s the latest in our ‘things you don’t know about us’ shenanigans from Our Jemma…

  1. When I was a kid, I wrote a poem to Spike Milligan asking him to wish my dad a happy 50th birthday. He phoned up for a chat (and invited my dad for a pint).
  2. I applied to Bristol University mainly because my favourite bands at time, Portishead and Massive Attack, were from here (sorry parents).
  3. I once won a school cup for rifle shooting. Should’ve been a sniper.
  4. I’m a charity shop obsessive and once picked up a designer silk blouse worth over £900 for a fiver.
  5. I have a phobia of writing on my skin with pen, especially biro. *Shudder*
  6. I have a fake front tooth which I can waggle about and take out. I like wiggling it around at anyone staring at me on public transport.
  7. In my early twenties I moved house 11 times in less than two years​.
  8. I was the “PR practitioner in residence” at Bournemouth University for a year. The first time I had to deliver a lecture to 100 slightly bemused-looking marketing students was one of the more sweaty-palm moments of my life.
  9. I still haven’t given up on the idea of going into politics (at least I couldn’t be called a career politician). Either that or becoming a freestyle rapper.
  10. I’ve DJ’d and even provided (dubious) vocals at various club nights in my murky past…. Sometimes uninvited.
  11. I play the accordion, badly. At least it looks nice. 
The other thing you may not know about Jemma is that she is ONE OF THE BEST DANCERS IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. She’s got PROPER moves. So we thought we’d also include this lovely picture of her vogueing as a nice ending to this blog. Hurray.