The third instalment of our hugely popular feature (according to Google Analytics) sees Rich under the spotlight…
OK, I’m gonna rename this ‘Ten things you didn’t need to / want to know about me’. Here we go…
I have a ‘Basic food hygiene certificate’ meaning I could single-handedly set up ‘Wonderland The Food Service Enterprise’ if we ever felt like it. Which we don’t.
I also have a speed boat licence. I got this at University so I could drive the safety boat for the sailing club (which I thought was going to be a good opportunity to meet girls, turns out the sailing club was 90% boys #fail).
I once had a kick about with Brian Robson (ask your dad) at Singapore airport.
FOUR * If my mum is reading this, please skip to point 5 *
I’ve nearly died three times:
  • On my gap yah I learnt to scuba dive in Thailand. We went diving in New Zealand a few months later from a friend’s boat. Turns out a basic course on ‘how to dive’ doesn’t make you Jack Cousteau or give you the skills to dive on your own (I haven’t been scuba diving since)
  • Nearly got run over by a police van in Plymouth city centre having just vaulted the central reservation and landed on my chin (have the scar to prove it)
  • On said gap yah, I was nearly run over by a speed boat whilst chasing after a turtle, whilst snorkelling in Malaysia (yes, it was the most middle class gap yah ever)
I would much prefer it if the world was 100% symmetrical.
I’m really good at fishing. I once met four times fishing world champ Bob Nudd at the NEC at a fishing expo (c’mon, I grew up in Somerset, what else was I supposed to do to pass the time?).
I’m constantly ridiculed about my CD collection. It’s fair to say I’m stuck in the 90s. I recently sold my CD collection. It was so bad that even Music Magpie refused to take half of them.
I have no tonsils (= the second most painful experience of my life).
I once had the most pointless summer job EVER.  Working in a potato factory (remember, I grew up in Somerset, yay) I was tasked with taking potatoes out of a giant sack, only for them to be put into another giant sack of the same size but a different label. Good times, good times.
The first single I ever bought was ‘Every Loser Wins’ by Nick Berry.  I like to think Nick was right.