Why we don’t do awards.
Wonderland don’t enter awards. We never have and probably never will.


We’ve been asked about this a LOT in the last few months. Because it’s THAT time of year and some of our campaigns did really well in 2018 (Salad-Cream-maggedon anyone?!).


People are pretty curious about why our creative comms agency isn’t interested in chasing the associated fame and fortune that comes with a shiny piece of glass or metal or wood or whatever.


So, we thought we’d try to explain.


We don’t do great work to win awards. We do it because we love what we do, and we want to do our very best for our client pals.


For us, feeling proud and motivated doesn’t come from having awards logos on our website or email signatures or windows. It doesn’t come from a panel of people declaring “yes, you are best” or “yes, your work was better than the other people who entered this year”.


Wonderland’s pride comes from being really, really fucking good (which means trying really, really fucking hard) at what we do, producing amazing work, making the people we work with – and for – really happy, and trying our very best not to be a bunch of dicks.


We don’t believe that awards define us and how good we are. Our actions do.


And here at Wonderland, we have other ways we’d like to spend our precious time than filling in bits of paper which might end up with other people proclaiming our apparent successes.

Things like cuddling our kids, pets, partners, pals, each other.

Working on our charity and helping people who really need it.

Getting stuck into new creative campaigns.

Meeting new and interesting people.

Learning something new.

Dancing on our desks.

Doing our jobs.

Being good.

Being bad.

Being us.