Halloween just got soupier

BOO! Did we scare you? Yeah, probably not.

It’s that time of the year where all things go bump in the night. And while Halloween might be a little different this year, it hasn’t stopped us cooking up something spooky – or should we say soupy – for one of our clients: Heinz Cream of Beanz Tomato Soup.

A monster mash-up of the iconic Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup and Heinz Beanz, it was created as part of Heinz Soup’s 110th UK birthday celebrations – and even comes in a glow in the dark can!

Not only has it created a frighteningly large debate amongst Heinz fans; the Metro, Mirror, Daily Star, The Sun, Buzzfeed and many others worked their usual magic and covered it in the news, which certainly sent a few chills down the old spine. Thanks, witches. 

From conception and design to doing some fangtastic creative photography with our fiend – we mean, friend Jonny Kennedy, plus media sell-in, it’s been totally wicked. 



Now, typically, Wonderland and booze-free are not uttered in the same breath but somewhere around our 50th lockdown hangover in a row, the thought of enjoying a tropical, non-alcoholic cocktail sounded pretty appealing. Particularly when it’s made with something as delicious as Caleño (and trust us…it’s tasty…we’ve done the legwork).


We’ll be helping the Caleño team on their mission to bring joy to “not drinking” – from chatting about the benefits of mindful drinking (think more sober curious than teetotal) to the guzzling of MANY an alcohol free, tropical cocktail. 


In a time when we could all do with a little bit more joy in our lives, Caleño’s vibrant Colombian roots can help us find our happier hour – after all, there’s a reason Colombia is one of the happiest countries in the world! A tropical infusion of juniper, citrus and spice botanicals that is sugar-free, sweetener-free, allergen-free and made with no artificial flavours – Caleño is the perfect way to keep our joy topped up whilst keeping our bodies tip top too. 


Wonderland’s MD, Rich, says it couldn’t be a better fit, “as avid fun lovers and big fans of a delicious drink (but not of a crippling hangover), Caleño is a perfect partner for us and our shared value of spreading more joy, particularly during this strange time, is something we’re all excited to be working on together.”


Now do excuse us, we’re off for a Caleño and tonic to celebrate.

Come and get gooey at The Trumans Brewery this weekend

Heinz Creme Egg Mayo, the April-Fool-that-wasn’t from Heinz and Cadbury, has been intriguing journalists for the past week or two, and reactions so far have ranged from the sublime to the disgusted:


“I actually really like it” (Daily Mail), “You could definitely sit and eat this just with a spoon” (The Independent), “So many layers of weirdness” (Also The Independent), “much nicer than we expected” (The Sun), “Confusing” (Stylist), and “seriously bad” (Mashable – don’t worry, we won’t take it personally). Even Katie Price got in on the action.


Like it or loathe it, it’s been a freakin BLAST to work on this from start to sticky, sweet finish. (Not least because we’ve had a good excuse – like we needed one – to eat a trillion Creme Eggs for “inspiration”.)


And now the great British public (well, those who are in or can get to London this weekend) have a chance to try it – for free. Just get yo curious selves down to Ely’s Yard at Truman Brewery on Brick Lane between 11am and 8pm on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th April, and between 11-4 on Saturday 13th.


If the Wonderland consensus is anything to go by, odds are that you’ll like this inspired Eastery concoction – just promise us you won’t get eggy if you don’t.

Wonderland win: BRABANTIA!

We at Wonderland are BEYOND excited to announce that we now are working with legendary housewares brand Brabantia.


It’s a very exciting year for our friends at Brabantia as they celebrate a whopping 100 years in business. That’s right, 100 whole years of bringing stylish designs to homes all over the globe – we even heard the rumour they made roller skates once upon a time?!


They couldn’t be a better fit for Wonderland, with a legacy of innovating great looking, high quality products with a focus on sustainability. From repurposing old milk cans into cups after the war to now, where they sponsor a number of worthy projects around the world such as WeForest and The Ocean Clean Up. They are proof that you can design great stuff and look after the planet too.


After a six-way pitch client David Slater, Brabantia’s Commercial Director told us: “From the six agencies we saw, Wonderland’s passion, creativity and innovative approach to telling our story shone through in the ideas they presented to us. This is going to be a great partnership.”


Rich, MD at Wonderland is absolutely buzzing “Brabantia’s product innovation and focus on sustainability mean they are the perfect client for us. As Wonderland continues to grow we are delighted to welcome another incredible brand to our family’


We’ve got some cracking campaigns lined up and can’t wait to start sharing Brabantia’s story with you.

Wonderland gets ? over Heinz’s new Ketchup Caviar

ATTENTION HEINZ TOMATO KETCHUP LOVERS: Heinz is launching its very first Tomato Ketchup Caviar – which we’re super proud to have helped create ?

From an initial idea that was cooked up in the Wonderland kitchen, it’s a big moment for Heinz (and us) as it will be the first time ever its world-renowned Tomato Ketchup has been made in a new format. AHHH!


So what’s it all about?


Launching as part of the company’s 150th birthday plans, we always wanted to come up with something extra special (and a bit extravagant) for Heinz to celebrate in style.


Containing delicious (vegan) caviar pearls that burst in your mouth with the taste of Heinz Tomato Ketchup joy, only 150 jars exist in the UK.


And you could get to try it this Valentine’s Day. Here’s how YOU can get your mitts on one.


Die-hard Heinz Tomato Ketchup fans will have a chance to get their hands on a jar at a very special Valentine’s breakfast on the day of love itself, courtesy of Heinz and Fortnum & Mason – the very first stockist of Heinz products in the UK. You can find our more info on that here.


Big up to my Wonderland fam who have put so much love and work into this project, taking care of everything from the initial product development and photography, to video creation and media relations.


And big love to you all.

Anthony Burrill: It's cool to be kind (+ interview with Anthony Burrill)

We’re over the moon to be collaborating with letterpress design god Anthony Burrill to produce a limited edition set of prints, with 100% of proceeds going to Kindly Collective:

Kindly Collective, a charity set up by Wonderland founder Alison last year, is on a mission to help create a kinder world by funding and supporting grassroots projects with heart.


We’re massive fans of Anthony’s work – anyone who’s visited Wonderland HQ will have seen his prints in our meeting (AKA Tina Turner) room – so you can imagine how chuffed we are to be working with him and raising money for a charity close to our hearts at the same time.


The Wonderland X Anthony Burrill collaboration, ‘Kindness is Strength’, is in Anthony’s signature bold and beautiful letterpress style and we reckon it would make the perfect Christmas present for people who like things to look good AND do good. We hope it encourages a wave of kindness, not only through its message but through its fundraising too.


There are very limited numbers available so buy one now at our Shop.


We asked Anthony a bit more about kindness:


What does ‘Kindness is Strength’ mean to you?


It means being strong enough to show kindness, to consider the feelings of other people and lead your life in a positive way.


What kindness do you want to see sweeping across the country this festive season?


I’d like to see more tolerance and acceptance of other people, no matter what background they might be from. I don’t want it to be just over the festive season; kindness is for life, not just Christmas.


Tell us about a time you were shown (or showed) kindness.


I think it’s small random acts of kindness that can mean the most, the things that we do without thinking and on the spur of the moment that can positively change a stranger’s day.

Wonderland brings spring to shelves across the UK with Heinz X Cath Kidston

Late last year, the Wonderland team brokered a brand partnership between everyone’s favourite soup – Heinz – and ‘the home of modern vintage’ Cath Kidston, which saw three of Heinz’s best loved canned soups get the Cath Kidston treatment. Check ‘em out:

It was the first brand partnership we’ve handled as Wonderland and we have to say we’re pretty bloomin’ proud of it.


Both brand’s values match perfectly, the fans of each are practically twins, and both Heinz and Cath Kidston were keen to make this a partnership with purpose, meaning that 100% of the price of the limited edition collector’s boxes (available via the Cath Kidston website and selected Cath Kidston stores from 16th April) will go to the amazing Trussell Trust – a charity already supported locally by Kraft Heinz and the Heinz soups team.


It’s also the first time in more than 100 years that Heinz Soup has had a major makeover of any kind. So it was always going to be special. And it’s not just us that think so – Good HousekeepingThe SunMetroEvening Standard and Hello! Magazine seem to like it too.


Heinz X Cath Kidston launched in stores this week and people are going crazy for it already, with one Cath Kidston fan saying she has travelled across 3 counties and visited more than 15 stores trying to find early deliveries of all three designs.


As Wonderland looked after everything from the partnership deal to label designs, photography to PR, we couldn’t be more chuffed. So we’re raising a can of Heinz X Cath Kidston Cream of Tomato Soup to everyone that was involved in this campaign.




Did we fool you, fool? Wonderland stir up trouble with 'launch' of Heinz's Chocolate Mayonnaise

The game’s up, people.


You might have seen the news today that Heinz is launching [Seriously] Good Chocolate Mayonnaise, an exquisitely unusual combination of the finest quality Belgian Chocolate blended with the creamy free-range goodness of their [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise. There’s even a video of it being made by Heinz’ boffin chefs.


Sounds so delicious it’s too good to be true, right?




Time to admit (with a mix of both disappointment and relief) that the launch of [Seriously] Good Chocolate Mayo is, in fact, a good old April Fool. GOTCHA, FOOLS!


Although, if everyone who liked the idea of a sweet, creamy, choccy-mayo combo started lobbying Heinz now, who knows? Next Easter we could be slapping it on our hot cross buns for real.


MASSIVE THANKS TO TEAM WONDERLAND who all worked around family commitments this weekend to make this happen and get literally TONNES of coverage in the UK and globally.


Here’s just a few of the pieces from the last 24 hours…


The Independent



The Guardian

The Poke

The Sun

Digital Spy

Magic Beanz: Our Beanz Meanz Heinz campaign in numbers

We’re big fans of Heinz Beanz here at Wonderland so were chuffed when Kraft Heinz asked us to create a PR campaign to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic “Beanz Meanz Heinz” slogan.


The brief was to get significant coverage nationally, regionally, and locally both on and offline. No biggie then…


Our campaign saw us use a combination of creative news stories, features and product placement, promoting limited edition personalised Beanz cans and the Heinz Beanz Bus Tour.


This was Wonderland’s first campaign working with Kraft Heinz and it was just how we like them – exciting, challenging, fast-paced and with happy clients at the end of it who had some very nice things to say about us – such as this from Director, Corporate & Government Affairs EMEANigel Dickie:


“Wonderland has helped deliver one of our most successful brand PR campaigns ever by celebrating 50 years of the famous advertising campaign Beanz Meanz Heinz.


“The Wonderland team blew the KPIs out of the water and exceeded tough targets by more than 500%, and created more than a billion opportunities to see. They worked the budget hard, and approached every part of the campaign with energy, drive, a great sense of humour and passion for the project.


“Straight-talking, problem-solving, fast-reacting and creative, the Wonderland team used their PR nous and know-how to make sure no coverage opportunity was left untouched.”


Thanks Nigel!

Friends in Heinz places

We are massively, outrageously, beyond chuffed to announce that we are now working with legendary brand and home of some of our favourite food cupboard staples, Heinz.

We’re over the moon to have bagged a place on the UK roster of Kraft Heinz – the fifth-largest food and beverage company in the world – after a six-way competitive pitch.

And we’ve already started working on what we hope is the first project of many for the Heinz brand; a three-month national and regional PR and communications programme, focusing on celebrating Heinz Beanz.

Our most excellent client Nigel Dickie, Director of Corporate & Government Affairs at Kraft Heinz, had this to say: “From the six agencies we saw, it was clear to us that the team at Wonderland had pulled together a pitch perfect strategy to meet the Heinz Beanz brief. They are clearly passionate about helping us create love and celebration for Beanz.”

We can’t say too much more right now, but watch this space for updates… we’re off to buy some celebratory chips to eat with a side of Heinz Beanz. 

Read all about it on PR Week here http://www.prweek.com/article/1443773/wonderland-joins-golin-ginger-kraft-heinz-consumer-pr-roster