10 things you probably didn't know about... Meg!

A massive hello and big virtual hugs  to our newest Wonderlander, Megan (or Meg to her mates). Already nicknamed Megalolz, the lovely Meg is really into space and imaginary dragons (what other kind is there?) but whatever you do, keep those evil peas AWAY.


  1. One of my biggest regrets in life was quitting piano lessons. I have started learning again, but can still remember how to play the entire score of Titanic, so every cloud…
  2. I have an irrational dislike of peas – I do not trust how they move around a plate and how they sneakily end up under chips
  3. I’m completely obsessed with space. I still rate the best day of my life being a VIP tour of NASA in Houston. Yep, it’s ranked above my wedding
  4. My favourite place in the world is Ceredigion on West Wales. I try to visit as much as possible
  5. I once sat on patio furniture drinking cans with Run The Jewels while Limp Bizkit warmed up next to us before a set
  6. When I was younger I thought I broke the world record for the oldest tamagotchi so my dad (the ultimate wind-up) told me to take it to the local newsagents to verify my life changing claim – they obviously had no idea what TF I was on about
  7. I had a very unhealthy relationship with The Wizard of Oz growing up, to the point where my mother had to call me Dorothy for two years and the video had to be hidden. Still can’t really watch it without feeling super weird
  8. I’ve had Sunday lunch with two Prime Ministers
  9. My first EVER sell in on my first day in PR was to The Times, I totally choked and he told me to ‘spit it out’ before hanging up, solid start
  10. I spent my childhood with two wonderful sisters, and an imaginary pet dragon that lived under my desk


We’re Wonderland. A communications agency where creativity and curiosity rule, people come before profit, and time sheets, pointless paperwork and horrible hierarchies aren’t a thing. 

We’re looking for a new person, maybe even two – who’ll probably be a Senior Account Director at the moment – to be part of our bold, brilliant, supportive, sweary, crisp and chip munching team, doing shit-hot, original, fun and challenging work.

2020 has been a bit of a wack year all things considered, but thanks to said team (and our awesome clients of course), we’ve managed to weather the storms pretty well and are gearing up for all the new exciting stuff 2021 is gonna throw our way. Which is why we need more Wonderland peeps to join us.

At Wonderland you’re free to be who you want, wear what you want, say what you want (within reason: we’re also into respect, honesty and zero bigotry), and everyone’s voice gets heard.

Wonderland’s Bristol office

We also offer flexible working, tailored training, pretty great parties, unlimited holiday, a STUNNING office on the waterfront in Bristol (when we’re bloody allowed back in it), a focus on nurturing good mental health, and fun – because, let’s face it: If you’re not having fun, what’s the bleedin point?

We’re looking for someone who’s:

Cool, calm and confident in all stages of running client campaigns, loving and believing in the work you do, and making sure the client feels the same way at every step.

Experienced (as in, 5 years+ experienced) at putting together top-notch strategy and creative campaigns that has everyone high-fiving you for your comms GENIUS, for consumer and lifestyle clients.

Happy getting your hands dirty doing the do, as well as managing clients and teams.

Problem solving, accountable, collaborative, positive and switched on, striving as part of our team to do the right thing in the best way – always.

Right now we’re working from wherever – including London, County Mayo in Ireland and Cardiff – but in non-pandemic times we love getting together in person, so being willing and able to travel to our Bristol office regularly is important to us. 

ER, YES PLEASE – WHAT DO I DO NEXT? I hear you say.
Send Rich (rich@wonderlandcomms.com) your CV, telling us why you reckon we’re a good fit for each other, plus this:
  1. What saved you during lockdown
  2. Curry sauce or gravy on chips (or neither) – discuss
  3. The most OMFG thing you’ve ever worked on
  4. The most YOU WOT? thing you’ve ever been asked to do at work (KEEP IT CLEAN, yeah?)
CLOSING DATE: 11th December 2020




We love doing brilliant PR, comms, branding and content for brands and people we believe in, and having a shitload of fun while we do it. No boring stuff, no bureaucracy, no bellends.
Fancy working this way? Then you’ll be pleased to hear we’re now looking for not one, not two, but THREE awesome people to join the Wonderland massive. WHOOOP!


In 2019 we turned Heinz Tomato Ketchup into Edchup (Oh Hai Mr Sheeran), invented Crème Egg Mayonnaise (yes, really – actually pretty good on waffles), put scaffolding on the picture of Big Ben you’ll find on HP Sauce bottles, got people to mention their pensions for Good Money Week, and made bins sexy for homewares brand Brabantia – alongside a whole load of other, equally awesome campaigns. YAY GO US. #modest


Joking aside, we feel very fortunate to say it’s been a bloody cracking (and yes BUSY AF) year, and thanks to a bunch of new projects and clients in the pipeline we have another one lined up.


That’s where you come in.




We don’t do your usual job titles at Wonderland – everyone’s a consultant or senior consultant. But to give you a steer on what we’re looking for :


  • 1 x consultant with 6+ years’ experience, currently a senior account director or equivalent.
  • 1 x consultant with 6+ years’ experience plus a strong working knowledge of and experience working with Irish national media. You’ll currently be a senior account director or equivalent.
  • 1 x consultant with 5+ years’ experience, currently a senior account manager or junior account director.


  • You’ll be experienced, creative and hands-on, able to boss projects and campaigns and collaborate well with both our brilliant team and clients.
  • You’ll know what’s right when it comes to managing people, work and projects, and be confident in your ability to deliver the goods (and then some).
  • Super-smart, quick-witted, positive and problem solving, you’ll get clients loving and believing in the work you create as much as you do.
  • You’ll be comfortable co-creating and leading some big, exciting projects for household names, but equally at home getting stuck into the delivery.
  • You’ll be willing to travel to client offices in London when required (approx. once a week); for the Ireland role, you’ll also be required to travel to Dublin to see clients and media about once a month.



When we started Wonderland, we were determined to get rid of all the things we didn’t like about places we’d worked before -like pointless dress or makeup codes, endless admin, a competitive environment, horrible hierarchies, presenteeism, inflexibility, chasing dollar, depressing offices and crap clients.


Oh and those occasional colleagues who were proper dicks.


We’ve taken a lot of time and care over who joins us, and are privileged to have a band of ballsy, brilliant, kind and funny people working here, who genuinely care about and support each other.


At Wonderland:


  • We put people over profit
  • We’re client partners, not subservient yes-people
  • We seek out work we love, and say no to things we think are boring or a bad fit
  • We operate democratically with no hierarchy or competition and everyone’s voice is important
  • We’re free to wear what we want, say what we want, be who we want. Our differences are not only accepted but celebrated. The only thing we ask is that everyone is honest and respectful
  • We have flexible working, tailored training, sweet new offices, lots of perks, parties you’ll tell your friends about (in a good, not cringe way) – and we pay well in return for your time, energy and passion.
  • We have fun – because let’s face it: If you’re not having fun, what’s the bleedin point?

You’ll be based in our BEEAUUUTiful new office in central Bristol, right on the Harbourside with epic views, and within stumbling distance to great coffee/ booze/ food. Come and do a walk by if you don’t believe us.



Email rich@wonderlandcomms.com with the following:

  • Your CV
  • Favourite campaign you’ve worked on in the past year – and why
  • Your dream client – and why
  • What you’d eat Creme Egg Mayo with



WE'RE HIRING - Join the Wonderland team

Wonderland wants YOU.


We’re looking for a shit-hot advertising account director to join us on a freelance, part-time basis.


If you’re good at strategy but also know what works creatively, have experience in advertising (out of home), digital and social, and fancy working on a fun, household-name challenger brand, OH HAIII.


You’ll be:


• An experienced, creative and quick-thinking Account Director in advertising and/or digital, including out of home
• A problem-solver who’s a natural at guiding clients
• Someone who’s happiest being themselves and having fun with workmates and clients (no business jargon, dick swinging or sharp suits here)
• Comfortable wihth challenging client-side big dogs when it’s needed to make sure we’re staying true to our creative idea
• Accountable and organised, and happy managing other freelance resource like designers
• Confident you can deliver shit-hot work
• London or Bristol based – if Bristol, you’ll be willing to travel to London for meetings
• Happy to work on the project for 6 months or so on a flexible basis (so less work when it’s not busy, and more work when it is)


In return you’ll get:

• An awesome work environment with a lovely office and people
• Or, the opportunity to work from home/ remotely
• Experience working with a fantastic household name client
• The salary you deserve
• Chips*


To apply:

Please email rich@wonderlandcomms.com with your CV and a few sentences on why you reckon this is the job for you. Closing date: 6th January 2019


*Chips are optional. But frankly if you don’t want chips, what the hell is wrong with you.

10 things you probably didn't know about... HANNAH

We’re pleased to WARMly (geddit) welcome the true-crime and halloumi loving delight that is Hannah Warmington (that’s Warmers to her mates) to Wonderland.
Hannah’s recently moved from London back to her hometown of Bristol which worked out pretty well in our favour. Read on for some excellent Warmers-related facts – from on-air vajazzles to posing with giant sushi – you probably didn’t know:


1. I performed the UK’s first live on-air Vajazzle on channel 5’s The Vanessa Show

2. I grew up next door to Tony Robinson

3. A brief foray into acting saw me landing the auspicious role of ‘spiteful girl’ in Radio 4 play, ‘Kamikaze’

4. I decided PR was the career for me because I loved Ab Fab

5. A true PR, I have Peter Andre on speed dial

6. I’ve been told I do a cracking Heather Small impression

7. I’m an excellent sleeper. I can sleep anytime, anywhere.

8. At the age of 32, I have only just managed to shake off my school nickname ‘Warmy’

9. I have ended up in a lot of client campaign photo shoots. If you look hard enough, you’ll find me posing with giant sushi, airport distilled gin, or bouncing around on giant candy themed bouncy castle

10. Whilst I’m not sporty, I am fiercely competitive. I have been told I ‘ruin’ board games.


Our Emilie gives us the lowdown on second hand style.
I love fashion. I love looking out for the latest catwalk trends, I can spend hours browsing shopping sites, fashion blogs and Insta feeds, and pinning ideas, I’m interested in fashion history and fashion illustration, and I love spotting people on the street, in films, on TV or wherever whose style inspires me…


But, like many of us, I’ve been questioning my fashion habits of late. At least twice a year I get told by the fashion industry that what I’ve been wearing is now totally out of date and I need to be wearing top to toe purple / corduroy / florals, which leads to a mad rush to bring my look bang up to date again with a load of new purchases. Then six months later it all starts again – buy, wear, repeat. Yes, I get a huge buzz from new clothes, but not only is this never ending cycle bad for my bank balance, it’s also really bad for the environment as we’re increasingly aware.


I’m not going to use this post to talk about why fast fashion is a bad thing. There’s enough information out there already about the hugely negative impact of the fashion industry, including this Guardian article.


Instead I want to talk about Oxfam’s Second Hand September, and how you can take yourself out of the fast fashion cycle and start to look at other ways of getting your hands on some really great clothes that just happen to be recycled. Whether it’s for one month, a whole year (which is what I’m trying) or even forever, why not give up buying new clothes, help break the cycle and make a difference. I’m just a month into my year and still finding my way but here are some of the things I’ve learned so far:



1. Get to know your local charity shops
Charity shops have become a UK high street fixture and don’t underestimate what you can find there. One fellow Wonderlander recently snapped up a Celine clutch in one on Bristol’s Gloucester Road for just six quid. YES, ACTUAL CELINE. OK, so you’ll probably have to spend time rifling through a lot of stuff before you find something right for you, but there are true gems to be had and it really is worth your time.


2. Be patient and flexible
Unlike ‘fast fashion’ sites which instantly present you with hundreds of possible options based on your specific search criteria, secondhand shopping is best approached with patience and an open mind. Have a browse and see what comes up. If you’re in the market for black trousers but a beautiful jumper comes up in your size, snap it up. And don’t immediately discount an item if it isn’t the exact right size or length, just find yourself a good local tailor who can alter items to make them work for you (within reason of course).


3. Make chic and mend
What about all the stuff you already have? Once or twice a year I go through all my clothes and do a bit of clear-up. Seasonal stuff gets packed away for next season, stuff I don’t wear anymore goes on eBay or to local charity shops and the other seasonal stuff gets unpacked. That’s when I fall back in love with old favourites all over again, and many of them get a bit of a refurb or update. I’m a big fan of shortening trousers and jeans (DIY for a scuffed hem) and I’m planning to shorten an old A-line denim skirt to knee-length to give it a 1970s vibe for this winter.


4. Find your online treasure troves
There is so much amazing secondhand / vintage stuff to be found online if you know where to look. My favourites are eBay, Oxfam, Vestiaire Collective, Beyond Retro and ASOS Marketplace – and that’s just scratching the surface, there are tons of smaller independents selling great things too. Do your research and find out which site and shops work best for you; they can become your go-tos. And don’t be afraid to negotiate with private sellers directly for even better deals.


One of Emilie's vintage finds
One of Emilie’s vintage finds

5. Raid your family’s wardrobes (just get their permission first)
You wouldn’t believe the stuff I’ve found in my mum’s and my gran’s wardrobes. I have a beautifully cut black 1990s sun dress of my mum’s that gets me compliments every time I wear it, ditto an emerald green 1980s pencil skirt of my gran’s that I wear with a t-shirt and trainers. And there’s something very beautiful about keeping an item of clothing in the family. My awesome gran passed away a few years ago and wearing her skirt feels special in a way a new Zara skirt never will.


I really hope this inspires you to give Second Hand September a try! All this week the Wonderfam will be posting and sharing their favourite second hand finds and the story behind them for some inspiration, so stay tuned…



10 Things you probably didn't know about... Emilie

The seriously stylish, Debbie Harry-loving, smiley and super cool ray of sunshine [can a ray of sunshine be cool? YES IT CAN] that is Emilie has been part of the Wonderfam for aaaaages now, so these 10 things you (probably) didn’t know about her are well overdue. Here goes:


  1. I speak four languages and am a proud European
  2. I never show my knees
  3. I fall over a lot
  4. I watch A LOT of old black and white films
  5. I like plane food and science lab pipettes
  6. I dislike people whispering on the telly and the colour purple
  7. I miss my days of all night dancing
  8. I love Rita Hayworth and Debbie Harry
  9. I am trying to drink more water and eat less crisps
  10. I have just decided not to buy any new clothes for a year




This Saturday and Sunday the MOST FANTASTIC of celebrations comes to Bristol with Pride weekend. Not only is it a whole lot of fun and fabulosity, Pride holds huge historical and political significance. Of course, we don’t need to remind people that Pride is a global movement fighting for the equal rights of LGBTQ+ people all over the world, with 2019 marking the 50th anniversary of the start of the fight for gay rights, with the Stonewall protests in New York.


We’ve been chatting in the office and debating whether big brands cashing in on Pride Month is diluting that massively important message.


From rainbow bunting at our local Sainsbury’s, LGBT sandwiches in M&S (SOME OF US WERE VERY SHOCKED TO DISCOVER WE WERE IN FACT A LETTUCE AND OMG THE VEGAN FOUND OUT SHE’S A BACON ?) to UGG’s ‘Fluff yeah’ pride slippers (no. seriously. what?), it seems anyone who is anyone has produced a rainbow branded product to ‘celebrate’ ?️‍?this year.



Pride Month for us at Wonderland means A WHOLE LOT MORE THAN THAT. Our agency is founded with the principles of love and inclusivity, so we think it’s crucial we aren’t losing sight of what we are fighting for.


In fact, a little quick-fire ‘what does pride mean to you?’ in the office produced these thoughts from the Wonderfam:


“It means my ten year old grows up in a world where love and relationships are about people not gender”


As someone that grew up in a tiny town with very traditional views, I always struggled (even when I came out) to express who I was. To be completely honest, I still do. However the first time I went to Pride in London, it was the very first time I felt I could hold hands with my boyfriend and be safe. It also made me realise what a huge, supportive family we have”


“Remembering everyone who fought and stood up to allow me to have the privileges that I have today”




“A show of solidarity and strength, and to tell the haters WE ARE HERE”


“A chance for me to sit back and look at the beauty of my LGBTQ+ family, past and present and to remember how far we have come and how far we have to go”


*(holds back actual tears)*


Basically, it ain’t about rainbow sandwiches and glitter. But do they have a place?


Let’s get real here, there are huge financial benefits to large companies getting involved in Pride, especially when it comes to product design and marketing; it’s no secret and in its simplest form, they using Pride as a platform to sell more stuff. Just check out Listerine’s attempt to Pride-ify themselves to see what we mean:



Visibility for Pride and the LGBTQ+ community is SUPER POSITIVE and regardless of whether or not the presence of Pride products and rainbow highstreets is done with the intention of making more dollar, we’ve found it interesting to see the message up and down our high-streets and in our favourite retailers. It’s great to see the message of Pride in places we wouldn’t normally see it, and (perhaps) to an audience who wouldn’t normally see it. 


We hope these visual cues will make people be more curious, to try and better understand the fight for equality, to be better people. We also encourage everyone to look beyond the merchandise and try to understand what it means to be a good ally. 


Here are some top tips for brands thinking about getting involved in Pride from Wonderland’s LGBTQ+ community:


  • Ensure you have policies in place that truly promote equality and diversity. It’s 2019 and there is no excuse not to have them
  • Seek out opportunities to support the LGBTQ+ community – whether it’s a Pride specific product and service or whether it’s reaching out to a colleague and recognising if and when people need support


If you guys need some inspo look at how to execute a brilliant Pride campaign, take a look at this years Hunter Boots and Skittles campaign in 2016 which we went all ?for.

A final sobering thought: many of these businesses that claim to be supporting Pride Month are still trading in countries where homosexuality is still illegal. Have we got a long way to go? Absolutely.


If you are celebrating Pride in Bristol this weekend have a bloody wicked one.

10 things you probably didn't know about... PADDY

It’s WHOOOOOOP! Time at Wonderland: The inimitable Paddy (that’s Patrick to you) has joined the Wonderfam as a senior consultant.
Alison and Jemma have had the pleasure of working with Paddy in a previous life, and we’re all delighted to welcome his booming laugh, hilarious raving anecdotes, and general all-round funny / creative / positive vibes.
So here’s Paddy’s 10 Things, from hanging with hippos to falling over – enjoy.


  1. Ich bin ein Hamburger – I was born in Hamburg, Germany
  2. I love rugby – I used to play a lot, but stopped because raving was more fun
  3. I’ve got a degree in environmental management from UWE
  4. I love watching films – the more random the better
  5. If I wasn’t working in PR, I’d probably be a teacher – I quite like the idea of combining the two some day…
  6. I once came face to face with a hippo while swimming in a lake
  7. I am seriously clumsy, there are a lot of photos where I am literally falling over, I think my daughter has inherited it from me…
  8. My first client in PR was Coca-Cola back in 2001
  9. Aged 11, I went to live with my friend and his family in Sydney Australia for four months (it was amazing!)
  10. I’ve lived in Bristol for the last 13 years, it’s an awesome place to bring up kids

Wonderland wins Carbon Gold

We’ve found our soil-mates! We’re very pleased to tell you that we’re now working with the soil-improving wizards and all round lovely people at Carbon Gold.


We’ll be helping to spread the word among gardeners and environmentalists about the incredible products Carbon Gold make – such as fertilizer, soil improver and compost – all containing enriched biochar.


Biochar is a type of charcoal that improves the health of soil, which means stronger, healthier and better-growing plants and trees that need less watering (anyone with a jungalow – you need to get some of this, stat).


Not only that, biochar “locks away” CO2 from the atmosphere, meaning by using it you’re actually BENEFITTING the environment.


What’s not to love?