This Saturday (10th October) is World Mental Health Day – an international day to promote education, awareness and advocacy against the social stigma that still exists surrounding mental health.

Health, happiness and positive mental vibes are among the most important things we think and talk about on a daily basis at Wonderland. Heck, one of the reasons Wonderland exists is because we wanted to create a working environment that promotes positivity and puts people over profit.

We recently put all the stuff that we do to help people be happy and healthy in one place. We called it the Happy Health Plan. There’s some good stuff in it and some of our fave bits include:

  • Having a flexible working environment and office set-up that enables people to breathe and work in a way that suits them and their lives
  • Assessing everything we do for our Wonderlanders against MIND’s mental health standards
  • Having lots of internal and external support for anyone that needs a friendly ear to talk to or shoulder to lean on
  • Dodo Days – for the days when you just don’t want to get out of bed because your head isn’t feeling right / its best
  • Carrying out a monthly mental health survey to all Wonderlanders, checking in on how everyone is doing and where we need to dial up the love, advice and tea making
  • Making an effort to mark all mental health milestones, like this one, throughout the year, so our collective mental health stays front of mind

With 1 in 6 British workers now being affected by mental health problems each year and mental health becoming the leading cause of sickness absence throughout the UK, health and happiness HAS to be high on everyone’s business agenda. And with the Covid-19 pandemic changing a lot of people’s lives in many ways, including their working styles, it’s now important more than ever to get positive mental health in the workplace right.

So let’s end the stigma, get talking and help everyone around us.

With winter fast approaching, which for many is likely to be much harder than usual, there are lots of ways to keep your mental health as positive as possible.

Check out this great article from Glamour for some great first steps to take. And why not take a look at MIND or download CALM or Headspace for some additional tips and techniques for supporting your mental health.


I am a big fan of laughing. I’m probably laughing right now…or at least desperately trying to make someone else laugh.


I’m never quite sure if everyone else is a fan of me laughing. My laugh has drawn comparisons with Jimmy Carr and Michelle Visage (which I take as HUGE compliments), but also a hyena (which I take less as a compliment). Nonetheless, I have ALWAYS believed that laughter truly is the best medicine.


Now, of course, there are actual real-life facts, stats and data that prove I am, in fact, right to believe how great laughing and laughter is. I’m not going to write a scientific study here, so apologies to anyone reading who thinks I’m spreading fake news. It’s not my intention. But here are some of the amazing things I’ve seen about the power of laughter:

  • It can release endorphins, relax you, and boost your immune system
  • It can help diffuse conflict; help form social bonds and is imperative for healthy relationships
  • It gets your brain working, can lessen anxiety and has even been compared to antidepressants in how it can help alleviate negative feelings and thoughts
  • AND it helps keep your heart healthy, can burn calories, and may even help you live longer!


All of which means I’ve cancelled my gym membership and now do at home brain and body workouts by simply watching my favourite comedy shows instead, all in the name of living longer.


All of those reasons are brilliant and totally valid. But why is it that I will go out of my way to make any ridiculous gag I possibly can (and I mean any, most of the time it’s a shot in the dark with a pity laugh from the ever-courteous Ellie)?


Well, it’s because I honestly think humour can get you through anything. Yes, it may also be a bit of a defence mechanism, but I believe that making someone laugh is the best buzz you can give yourself. Because making someone else laugh not only makes you laugh more too, but the fact that you have made someone laugh, smile or even roll their eyes means you have lifted and impacted their day in some small way and THAT is powerful.


In fact, I’d go as far as to say that laughter isn’t just the best medicine, it’s an addictive drug. One I think we can (and should) all get hooked on. Particularly right now. So, if this crazy world is leaving you feeling blue, then get in touch with the funniest person you know and feel the endorphins flow – chances are you’ll make their day as well as your own. Life is simply better when you’re laughing.



P.S. Please don’t ACTUALLY get hooked on laughing – we certainly don’t need a repeat of the Tanganyika laughter epidemic right now…


If you came here looking for a list of awards Wonderland has entered and won… soz.

We don’t enter awards.

We never have, and we probably never will.

Some people want to know why our creative comms agency isn’t interested in chasing the associated fame and fortune that comes with a shiny piece of glass or metal or wood or whatever.

Very simply it’s this… we don’t do great work to win awards. 

We do it because we LOVE what we do and we want to do our best for our clients. 

We don’t know how many of you have entered awards before, but filling in all those forms can be pretty time consuming, costs actual money and can be boring AF.

We have other ways we’d prefer to spend our time. Like hanging out with the people we love, helping people who really need it, learning new things, working with our charity partners and yep, getting stuck into cracking creative campaigns for our clients.

For us, feeling proud and motivated doesn’t come from having awards logos on our website or email sigs.

It doesn’t come from having a panel of people who don’t know or care about us declaring that this year, our retrofitted entry happened to be the best of the bunch who entered. 

Our collective pride comes from being really good (which means trying really, really hard) at what we do, producing amazing work for our clients, delighting the people we work with and for, and trying our best not to be a bunch of dicks. 

However, despite us not entering awards, sometimes other people we’ve worked alongside enter awards for us.

So that explains why you might have seen Wonderland’s name on the odd accolade, and massive thanks to our collaborators for putting Wonderland on the forms.