This Saturday (10th October) is World Mental Health Day – an international day to promote education, awareness and advocacy against the social stigma that still exists surrounding mental health.

Health, happiness and positive mental vibes are among the most important things we think and talk about on a daily basis at Wonderland. Heck, one of the reasons Wonderland exists is because we wanted to create a working environment that promotes positivity and puts people over profit.

We recently put all the stuff that we do to help people be happy and healthy in one place. We called it the Happy Health Plan. There’s some good stuff in it and some of our fave bits include:

  • Having a flexible working environment and office set-up that enables people to breathe and work in a way that suits them and their lives
  • Assessing everything we do for our Wonderlanders against MIND’s mental health standards
  • Having lots of internal and external support for anyone that needs a friendly ear to talk to or shoulder to lean on
  • Dodo Days – for the days when you just don’t want to get out of bed because your head isn’t feeling right / its best
  • Carrying out a monthly mental health survey to all Wonderlanders, checking in on how everyone is doing and where we need to dial up the love, advice and tea making
  • Making an effort to mark all mental health milestones, like this one, throughout the year, so our collective mental health stays front of mind

With 1 in 6 British workers now being affected by mental health problems each year and mental health becoming the leading cause of sickness absence throughout the UK, health and happiness HAS to be high on everyone’s business agenda. And with the Covid-19 pandemic changing a lot of people’s lives in many ways, including their working styles, it’s now important more than ever to get positive mental health in the workplace right.

So let’s end the stigma, get talking and help everyone around us.

With winter fast approaching, which for many is likely to be much harder than usual, there are lots of ways to keep your mental health as positive as possible.

Check out this great article from Glamour for some great first steps to take. And why not take a look at MIND or download CALM or Headspace for some additional tips and techniques for supporting your mental health.