Dani Shingler, aka Dash or Pea Head to her pals, joined Wonderland as a Communications Consultant at the beginning of March (yes, what a wiiiild time to start a new job), and she, and her wonderfully curious and curiouser nature, has slotted in peeeerfectly.  With nearly 7 years’ experience in the wonderful world of PR under her belt, including managing campaigns and press offices for global FMCG accounts, Dani will be helping us do what we do best – securing top-notch media coverage for our clients.
To get to know her a little better, we asked her to jot down 10 interesting things about her – so here you go!

  1. I was the first girl in an all-boys school – somewhat terrifying especially on Valentine’s Day
  2. I love to travel and am ALWAYS planning my next trip – fav things include doing a TEFL course and teaching English in North Thailand, a PADI diving course in Borneo and a 10 day trek in in Nepal
  3. I have the tendency to ‘interview’ people when I meet them – I’m very curious and want to know everything!
  4. My family all have the exact same laugh – we slap our hands down on the table, head back, silent laughter – looks really bizarre when we’re all together
  5. I’m terrified of heights and flying (hello Valium) but I’ve travelled all around the world and forced myself to do a sky dive and a hot air balloon ride. With very Jelly legs
  6. I love yoga and did a foundation course to improve my understanding – I prefer to keep as a hobby, but you never know I may teach one day
  7. I’m a bit of a film geek and can become quite obsessed, especially with anything MARVEL and the Oscar nomins
  8. I grew up in the best named place EVER – Timberhonger House, in Timberhonger (it’s in Worcestershire) my friends even had a song for it ‘In the honger, the mighty honger, the timber sleeps tonight…..atimberhonger timberhonger’
  9. I am obsessed with Bovril (on toast) and it’s why I could never be a vegetarian – my parents used to give it to me in sandwiches when I was little
  10. F.R.I.E.N.D.S is my happy place and could probably quote every episode