We are very excited that the football-loving and MOST-FABULOUS-hair-owning (would you just look at it?!) Katie Young has just joined the Wonderland crew as a Communications Consultant. With nearly four years under her belt working in the wonderful world of consumer PR, Katie will be working with us to deliver amazing work and coverage for our clients.  Here’s 10 things you should know about her – straight outta the horse’s mouth…

  1. I play football for Banana F.C. We started as a group of friends playing football a year ago and now it’s an obsession for all of us. Follow us on Instagram @banana.f.c it’s worth it for some lols photos of me

  2. My brain has an amazing ability to retain song lyrics, especially raps. I’ll usually perform them after a glass of wine (I’m particularly good at the Kanye verse in American Boy)

  3. I love food but I am a terrible cook, never accept an invite to my house for dinner

  4. I’m a born and bred Bristolian and it’s still my favourite city in the world. Closely followed by Copenhagen

  5. Ask me any question about the Real Housewives franchise (Bravo) and I can guarantee you I’ll be able to answer it

  6. I’m very short (5ft 1 ish) but my hair makes up for most of that…

  7. I loved leopard print before it was cool. Most of my outfits channel Pat Butcher

  8. If I wasn’t working in PR I would have liked to have worked in the music industry

  9. I spend 80% of my free time laughing at memes

  10. I really dislike silence, it makes me uncomfortable and I work better with background noise