We are over the moon to announce that Jamie White has joined the Wonderland Comms team as a Communications Consultant. He will be working with us to deliver amazing work and coverage for our wonderful clients, and with just a week under his belt he’s already doing a blinding job.
After completing his degree in Media Communications, Jamie started his career working as a PR intern for the National Trust at its head office, before moving on to work for one of the UK’s fabulous renewable energy suppliers.
Having worked in-house across the travel, lifestyle and environment sectors over the last five years, he can’t wait to bring his media relations skills to his first agency role and help oversee the day-to-day management of some of our fabulous clients.
Jamie said: “I’m really excited to be joining the Wonderland family. I never thought I could find or work for a company with such an awesome purpose and with a mind-set exactly like mine. I can’t wait to get more people talking about Wonderland and also work with some fantastic brands along the way.”
Just so that we can all get to know Jamie that bit better, we asked him to tell us 10 things you probably didn’t know about him. Blow our minds, Jim Jam…
1. I’m an avid reader and have my own (small) library at home – super cool. I love crime fiction, have read all the Harry Potter books about 10 times (don’t judge me) and have a target of reading 50 books in 2018. I’m on number three already if you’re wondering.
2. I have a huge phobia of clowns and spiders … and also Michael Jackson from the ages of 5-15 as I really thought he was the zombie in Thriller.
3. I have zero spatial awareness which often means I trip over, walk into things and spill cups of tea.
4. I’m a quarter German. My Nan was German and my Dad was born just after WW2 in Berlin. I’m currently obsessed with finding out my family history and have so far gone back to 1670.
5. I once applied to be on Catchphrase but didn’t get through. Big sob. I’m amazing at catchphrases though so I challenge anyone to beat me.
6. I always wanted to be on the stage as a kid and was once the male soloist in my primary school choir. Still not giving up on my dreams.
7. I have photographic memory which means I can usually recount random facts, pieces of information and names out of nowhere. General crap really.
8. I was once a member of supposedly ‘the most exclusive club in the world’, The Malmesbury Commoners. To get in I had to be related to a descendant who fought for King Athelstan in 937 AD. The best part was being hit on the back with a stick in order to be initiated. I promise I’m not weird.
9. I hate slimy foods like cooked mushrooms. They’re like slugs. Why would you like them, people?!
10. I know all of the moves to the parody video for Torn by Natalie Imbruglia. I’m even on YouTube somewhere if you search hard enough.
If you fancy a chat with Jamie or can’t find the parody video he stars in, drop him a line on Jamie@wonderlandcomms.com