NEW ARRIVAL ALERT! We’re really rather excited to welcome Sarah van Kempen (or SvK as we already LOVE to call her) to the Wonderland family.


SvK (sorry, not sorry) has recently joined Wonderland as a Senior Consultant, helping us to work on some stonking client projects.


With almost a decade of comms and PR experience under her belt, Sarah’s career has spanned everything from fashion and homewares to all things FMCG, both locally and globally, bringing with her a wealth of experience from across the world…along with some mega LOLs.


But we wanted to know more. So, with a limit of just TEN things, here she goes…:


1. I’ve travelled to as many countries as years I’ve lived and now keep this up by visiting a new country every year…obviously (I’m also clearly a whizz at maths)


2. I have a qualification in interior design – but largely so I can claim ‘expert rights’ for any interior decisions at home


3. I (used to be able to…) play the saxophone and piano – and keep my sax in the attic in the hope I’ll crack it out for a jam sesh one day… (it’s been nearly two decades)


4. I am a triathlete (did one once, it 100% counts) and a former sprinter (heavy emphasis on former)


5. I lived in Australia for years (but am not actually Australian – contrary to what many believe apparently) and whilst there, my most Aussie experience was being hospitalised by a spider bite


6. I am allergic to kiwis…the fruit, not the people – love the people!


7. I love all animals BUT I have a mild fear of cats – only house cats though, with big cats you know what you’re getting, basically I value honesty and let’s face it – cats would kill you if they juuuust had the size…the ‘cuteness’ is all lies


8. I am half Dutch (hence the ‘van’ – no, there’s no hyphen and yes, it’s a little v) sadly I don’t speak it but I do take advantage of the double Christmas! (Thanks St. Nick)


9. My guilty pleasure is reading crime thriller novels (Harlan Coben is my absolute favourite) and I always thought I’d write one, one day – watch this space…


10. I have always been a woman of my word – heck I decided I wanted to work in PR before I even hit my teens!


If you fancy saying hello, drop Sarah a line on