Ah, Christmas. A time for giving, reconnection, family, community. And limited edition Christmas sandwiches OBVS.

We are taking the taste hit so you don’t have to, to find this year’s studs and duds on the festive bread-based lunch circuit. We’ll be adding to this post as we try more seasonal sarnies.

First up: Pret A Manger’s Very Merry Christmas Lunch.

What is it?

We’re (well, Wonderland’s pretend vegan Jemma is) impressed with the number of vegan sandwiches available this year. There’s actually A Choice. Pret’s version includes vegan stuffing, grilled carrots, spinach,

crispy onions, caramelised pecans and port and orange cranberry sauce.

First Impressions

The “stuffing” looks like someone chewed up the sandwich already then formed it into slimy balls and stuffed it back into the sandwich. The thickish slices of carrot look boring and unappetising. The cranberry sauce bulging out is a bit hernia-esque. Maeemo this ain’t.


Hmm, pretty good for a shop-bought sandwich. The carrots – which I thought would be the worst bit – are in a slightly piquant, sweet marinade, just al dente and are my favourite bit. The spice and port in the cranberry sauce make it taste really christmassy and the onions and pecans add a nice crunch to make the texture of the whole thing less one-dimensional. Love the fresh spinach too. The stuffing is rank though – tasteless and this weird gooey texture.


Some tasty bits but I wasn’t left very merry by those slimy squidgy stuffing bits, Pret. 6.5/10.