We’re pleased to WARMly (geddit) welcome the true-crime and halloumi loving delight that is Hannah Warmington (that’s Warmers to her mates) to Wonderland.
Hannah’s recently moved from London back to her hometown of Bristol which worked out pretty well in our favour. Read on for some excellent Warmers-related facts – from on-air vajazzles to posing with giant sushi – you probably didn’t know:


1. I performed the UK’s first live on-air Vajazzle on channel 5’s The Vanessa Show

2. I grew up next door to Tony Robinson

3. A brief foray into acting saw me landing the auspicious role of ‘spiteful girl’ in Radio 4 play, ‘Kamikaze’

4. I decided PR was the career for me because I loved Ab Fab

5. A true PR, I have Peter Andre on speed dial

6. I’ve been told I do a cracking Heather Small impression

7. I’m an excellent sleeper. I can sleep anytime, anywhere.

8. At the age of 32, I have only just managed to shake off my school nickname ‘Warmy’

9. I have ended up in a lot of client campaign photo shoots. If you look hard enough, you’ll find me posing with giant sushi, airport distilled gin, or bouncing around on giant candy themed bouncy castle

10. Whilst I’m not sporty, I am fiercely competitive. I have been told I ‘ruin’ board games.