This Saturday and Sunday the MOST FANTASTIC of celebrations comes to Bristol with Pride weekend. Not only is it a whole lot of fun and fabulosity, Pride holds huge historical and political significance. Of course, we don’t need to remind people that Pride is a global movement fighting for the equal rights of LGBTQ+ people all over the world, with 2019 marking the 50th anniversary of the start of the fight for gay rights, with the Stonewall protests in New York.


We’ve been chatting in the office and debating whether big brands cashing in on Pride Month is diluting that massively important message.


From rainbow bunting at our local Sainsbury’s, LGBT sandwiches in M&S (SOME OF US WERE VERY SHOCKED TO DISCOVER WE WERE IN FACT A LETTUCE AND OMG THE VEGAN FOUND OUT SHE’S A BACON 🥓) to UGG’s ‘Fluff yeah’ pride slippers (no. seriously. what?), it seems anyone who is anyone has produced a rainbow branded product to ‘celebrate’ 🏳️‍🌈this year.



Pride Month for us at Wonderland means A WHOLE LOT MORE THAN THAT. Our agency is founded with the principles of love and inclusivity, so we think it’s crucial we aren’t losing sight of what we are fighting for.


In fact, a little quick-fire ‘what does pride mean to you?’ in the office produced these thoughts from the Wonderfam:


“It means my ten year old grows up in a world where love and relationships are about people not gender”


As someone that grew up in a tiny town with very traditional views, I always struggled (even when I came out) to express who I was. To be completely honest, I still do. However the first time I went to Pride in London, it was the very first time I felt I could hold hands with my boyfriend and be safe. It also made me realise what a huge, supportive family we have”


“Remembering everyone who fought and stood up to allow me to have the privileges that I have today”




“A show of solidarity and strength, and to tell the haters WE ARE HERE”


“A chance for me to sit back and look at the beauty of my LGBTQ+ family, past and present and to remember how far we have come and how far we have to go”


*(holds back actual tears)*


Basically, it ain’t about rainbow sandwiches and glitter. But do they have a place?


Let’s get real here, there are huge financial benefits to large companies getting involved in Pride, especially when it comes to product design and marketing; it’s no secret and in its simplest form, they using Pride as a platform to sell more stuff. Just check out Listerine’s attempt to Pride-ify themselves to see what we mean:



Visibility for Pride and the LGBTQ+ community is SUPER POSITIVE and regardless of whether or not the presence of Pride products and rainbow highstreets is done with the intention of making more dollar, we’ve found it interesting to see the message up and down our high-streets and in our favourite retailers. It’s great to see the message of Pride in places we wouldn’t normally see it, and (perhaps) to an audience who wouldn’t normally see it. 


We hope these visual cues will make people be more curious, to try and better understand the fight for equality, to be better people. We also encourage everyone to look beyond the merchandise and try to understand what it means to be a good ally. 


Here are some top tips for brands thinking about getting involved in Pride from Wonderland’s LGBTQ+ community:


  • Ensure you have policies in place that truly promote equality and diversity. It’s 2019 and there is no excuse not to have them
  • Seek out opportunities to support the LGBTQ+ community – whether it’s a Pride specific product and service or whether it’s reaching out to a colleague and recognising if and when people need support


If you guys need some inspo look at how to execute a brilliant Pride campaign, take a look at this years Hunter Boots and Skittles campaign in 2016 which we went all 😍for.

A final sobering thought: many of these businesses that claim to be supporting Pride Month are still trading in countries where homosexuality is still illegal. Have we got a long way to go? Absolutely.


If you are celebrating Pride in Bristol this weekend have a bloody wicked one.

Wonderland Loves...

From Celine Dion to stand up, brewpubs to Bayeux-style tapestries, here’s just a few things that the Wonderfam are loving right now.

Set in Finzel’s Reach – home of Bristol’s most wiggly bridge – Left Handed Giant’s new pub and brewery in one gets our vote for its incredible selection of beers, sick (as in good) pizza from Mission, indoor tree action and what’s probably the best and biggest window hole in the city.



Our new favourite rooftop drinks place in London… just check it out #wearenothipsterspromise



We KNEW she had the style in her after she wore that back to front white tuxedo number to the Oscars back in ’99. Honest.



“Punk rock band Idles (who are from Bristol) sung pro-immigrant/anti-racism song, Danny Nedelko, at The Park stage at Glastonbury. The guitarist was dancing around his pants. The crowd was going mental. The lead singer Joe Talbot got really emotional and overwhelmed that everyone was singing the lyrics back to him, so his wife (a nurse in the NHS) came on stage to give him a hug to calm him down. A really beautiful moment.” (Ellie M)



A 90-metre intricate tapestry depicting the story across all eight seasons and a thing of true handmade beauty. Let’s hope disgruntled fans don’t start a petition to get them to remake the last bit…




This hands-on exhibition takes you on a sensory journey all about how how we can get to a more sustainable, just and delicious food future. Insect paté, anyone? On till October.



We got face ache laughing at / with the likes of Sara Pascoe, Rob Delaney and Stewart Lee, but a new comedy find for us was this beaut, Jen Brister. Please be our new best friend, Jen?

10 things you probably didn't know about... PADDY

It’s WHOOOOOOP! Time at Wonderland: The inimitable Paddy (that’s Patrick to you) has joined the Wonderfam as a senior consultant.
Alison and Jemma have had the pleasure of working with Paddy in a previous life, and we’re all delighted to welcome his booming laugh, hilarious raving anecdotes, and general all-round funny / creative / positive vibes.
So here’s Paddy’s 10 Things, from hanging with hippos to falling over – enjoy.


  1. Ich bin ein Hamburger – I was born in Hamburg, Germany
  2. I love rugby – I used to play a lot, but stopped because raving was more fun
  3. I’ve got a degree in environmental management from UWE
  4. I love watching films – the more random the better
  5. If I wasn’t working in PR, I’d probably be a teacher – I quite like the idea of combining the two some day…
  6. I once came face to face with a hippo while swimming in a lake
  7. I am seriously clumsy, there are a lot of photos where I am literally falling over, I think my daughter has inherited it from me…
  8. My first client in PR was Coca-Cola back in 2001
  9. Aged 11, I went to live with my friend and his family in Sydney Australia for four months (it was amazing!)
  10. I’ve lived in Bristol for the last 13 years, it’s an awesome place to bring up kids

Wonderland wins Carbon Gold

We’ve found our soil-mates! We’re very pleased to tell you that we’re now working with the soil-improving wizards and all round lovely people at Carbon Gold.


We’ll be helping to spread the word among gardeners and environmentalists about the incredible products Carbon Gold make – such as fertilizer, soil improver and compost – all containing enriched biochar.


Biochar is a type of charcoal that improves the health of soil, which means stronger, healthier and better-growing plants and trees that need less watering (anyone with a jungalow – you need to get some of this, stat).


Not only that, biochar “locks away” CO2 from the atmosphere, meaning by using it you’re actually BENEFITTING the environment.


What’s not to love?

Time for a meat massage (NO NOT LIKE THAT)

If you like the idea of having your meat massaged (CHEEKAAAAY) just in time for the bank holiday, then you’re in luck!


We’ve been firing up BBQ lovers everywhere over the last couple of weeks, working with American pitmaster and barbecue sauce experts Bull’s-Eye to bring the world’s first Meat Massage Joint to the UK.


You might have spotted our video doing the rounds on the likes of the Daily Star and TimeOut London (along with a whole host of innuendo – TimeOut we’re looking at you for your ‘want your beef pounded’ puns), and now YOU have the chance to come along.


Open from 12-6pm on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th May at London’s Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, the meat masters from Bull’s-Eye will be giving away 100 free cuts of meat to visitors on both days, before it’s massaged with some TLC (Tenderizing Loving Care – see what we did there) and smothered in your punchy Bull’s-Eye sauce of choice. TASTY!


So, if you fancy giving your meat a mild rub down or even a deep tissue massage this weekend (we promise we’ll stop now), get yourself down to the pop-up, grab some meat from the barbie and join us for some fun in the sun. It’ll be great to meat you. (Sorry – meat puns are rarely well done…)


We’ve had a friggin AMAZING time working on the launch with the Bull’s-Eye team over the last few months and we now know everything there is to know about meat. A big shout out as well to our pals at the Persuaders, Rubber Republic, Ruby & White butchers and the team at Mugshot Restaurants for all their help in bringing this idea to life.


Now let’s B 👏 B 👏Q!


Why we don’t do awards.

Wonderland don’t enter awards. We never have and probably never will.


We’ve been asked about this a LOT in the last few months. Because it’s THAT time of year and some of our campaigns did really well in 2018 (Salad-Cream-maggedon anyone?!).


People are pretty curious about why our creative comms agency isn’t interested in chasing the associated fame and fortune that comes with a shiny piece of glass or metal or wood or whatever.


So, we thought we’d try to explain.


We don’t do great work to win awards. We do it because we love what we do, and we want to do our very best for our client pals.


For us, feeling proud and motivated doesn’t come from having awards logos on our website or email signatures or windows. It doesn’t come from a panel of people declaring “yes, you are best” or “yes, your work was better than the other people who entered this year”.


Wonderland’s pride comes from being really, really fucking good (which means trying really, really fucking hard) at what we do, producing amazing work, making the people we work with – and for – really happy, and trying our very best not to be a bunch of dicks.


We don’t believe that awards define us and how good we are. Our actions do.


And here at Wonderland, we have other ways we’d like to spend our precious time than filling in bits of paper which might end up with other people proclaiming our apparent successes.

Things like cuddling our kids, pets, partners, pals, each other.

Working on our charity and helping people who really need it.

Getting stuck into new creative campaigns.

Meeting new and interesting people.

Learning something new.

Dancing on our desks.

Doing our jobs.

Being good.

Being bad.

Being us.



This Month At Wonderland - April

From eggs to the undead, priests to platters, here are some of our favourite things from April:
Wonderland do Root (Emilie and others):

“To kick the long Easter weekend off in style, Alison and Rich took (almost) all the Wonderfam to Root (restaurant at Wapping Wharf) for lunch on the Thursday. We sat outside, dusted off our sunnies, drank rose and looked back on another month of busy madness at Wonderland. The food was AMAZING! Lots of different platters with all manner of lushness, and something for everyone too – we have a mix of veggies, vegans and meat eaters and were all beautifully catered for. Highly recommended.”

Wonderland vibezzzz (Alison):

“The amazing energy and spirit that everyone brings into work every day.” Awww.

Fleabag (Jamie):

“Possibly the funniest, heart-warming, heart breaking & perfectly acted piece of television I’ve ever seen. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is AMAZING! And I’m in love with a Priest.”

Game of Thrones (Jemma, and pretty much everyone else except Ellie M):

“We’re still yearning for the super sassy dialogue and big-character twists from the earlier seasons and there are plot holes (and plot armour) bigger than an undead giant – but nevertheless we’re LOVING it. Brienne getting knighted, Tormund’s giant-suckling story, Arya’s silent creeping… can’t say too much more because SPOILERS.”

Sugarloaf Mountain (Ellie):

“My favourite moment of the month was when I made the most of the beaaaaautiful sunsheyine on Easter Weekend and went for a walk around the absolutely stunning Sugarloaf Mountain in Abergavenny, where my partner’s family lives. The huffin’ n’ puffin’ was all worth it in the end, when we were greeted by a giant platter of cheese, bread and wine at the Sugarloaf Vineyards. That makes me sound well posh…  I did lie outside the Vineyard in a star shape pouring a bottle of water on my head upon arrival, if that helps?  #keepinitclassy “


This photo of Llansantffraed Court is courtesy of TripAdvisor

This tweet (James):

Our awesome chocolate eggs (everyone):

Alison and Rich gave the Wonderfam the prettiest / coolest/ most tasty choccy eggs  EVAR for Easter. Check this beauty out.

Come and get gooey at The Trumans Brewery this weekend

Heinz Creme Egg Mayo, the April-Fool-that-wasn’t from Heinz and Cadbury, has been intriguing journalists for the past week or two, and reactions so far have ranged from the sublime to the disgusted:


“I actually really like it” (Daily Mail), “You could definitely sit and eat this just with a spoon” (The Independent), “So many layers of weirdness” (Also The Independent), “much nicer than we expected” (The Sun), “Confusing” (Stylist), and “seriously bad” (Mashable – don’t worry, we won’t take it personally). Even Katie Price got in on the action.


Like it or loathe it, it’s been a freakin BLAST to work on this from start to sticky, sweet finish. (Not least because we’ve had a good excuse – like we needed one – to eat a trillion Creme Eggs for “inspiration”.)


And now the great British public (well, those who are in or can get to London this weekend) have a chance to try it – for free. Just get yo curious selves down to Ely’s Yard at Truman Brewery on Brick Lane between 11am and 8pm on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th April, and between 11-4 on Saturday 13th.


If the Wonderland consensus is anything to go by, odds are that you’ll like this inspired Eastery concoction – just promise us you won’t get eggy if you don’t.

Wonderland win: BRABANTIA!

We at Wonderland are BEYOND excited to announce that we now are working with legendary housewares brand Brabantia.


It’s a very exciting year for our friends at Brabantia as they celebrate a whopping 100 years in business. That’s right, 100 whole years of bringing stylish designs to homes all over the globe – we even heard the rumour they made roller skates once upon a time?!


They couldn’t be a better fit for Wonderland, with a legacy of innovating great looking, high quality products with a focus on sustainability. From repurposing old milk cans into cups after the war to now, where they sponsor a number of worthy projects around the world such as WeForest and The Ocean Clean Up. They are proof that you can design great stuff and look after the planet too.


After a six-way pitch client David Slater, Brabantia’s Commercial Director told us: “From the six agencies we saw, Wonderland’s passion, creativity and innovative approach to telling our story shone through in the ideas they presented to us. This is going to be a great partnership.”


Rich, MD at Wonderland is absolutely buzzing “Brabantia’s product innovation and focus on sustainability mean they are the perfect client for us. As Wonderland continues to grow we are delighted to welcome another incredible brand to our family’


We’ve got some cracking campaigns lined up and can’t wait to start sharing Brabantia’s story with you.


All the things making us have hearts in our eyes in March….


“New Wonderlander Natalie has joined us from Paris (oh la la) where she headed up M&C Saatchi PR. More about Nat soon!”


Wonderland pals Catherine and Lee, AKA Baker & Borowski, brought their awesome Skip Gallery art space to Selfridges’ shop floor, in collaboration with artists like Maja Djordjevic.


“Adam Curtis did the visuals and it was pissing down with rain but it was great and different and the venue was spectacular, very stark but atmospheric.”

QUEER EYE SERIES 3 (Jemma and Jamie)

“It’s so full of heart, hope and sheer fabulousness. It’s impossible not to feel better for watching it. Now have serious binge-watch regret.”


“OK not quite but I went to an immersive Peaky Blinders-themed experience at DEPOT, an abandoned warehouse in Cardiff. We watched a (fixed) boxing match, witnessed a few deaths, did a bitta (fixed) gambling, all in our 20s Birmingham gangster wear. Casual Saturday night really.”


A review of John Paul Gaultier’s life, in theatre format – absolute GENIUS.”


The incredible story of Hedy Lamarr, Hollywood icon and amazing inventor. Not only was she a beautiful actress but a brilliant mind.


“I went the furthest North I’ve ever been this month and I was AMAZED at how beautiful Newcastle is. The culture, the history, the food”


“Hands down the best brunch in Bristol”


“…performed by a 10 piece brass band. Worth it whether you are an Artic Monkeys fan or not!”


“An amazing interpretation of what I thought would be a very difficult story to translate into theatre, but it was captivating!”


“Insanely funny, insanely British.”