We thought you might want to get to know us a bit better. So we’re running a ’10 things you don’t know about me’ mini-series for the next five weeks.
First up… our founder Alison!

  1. My favourite place in the world is the north of Scotland. The journey from Inverness, along the shoreline of Loch Ness, brings me to tears. It’s just SO beautiful. I find it utterly overwhelming.
  2. When I was fifteen, I joined the Anti Nazi League.
  3. I was asked to be in Bon Jovi’s ‘Sleep When I’m Dead’ video when I went to see them at Birmingham NEC. It meant staying in Birmingham that night and filming the next day. My mum said no. I have never forgiven her.
  4. I have never lifted a finger to a single person. EVER. Well, apart from my sister when we were kids. But that doesn’t count.
  5. I did ok with my GCSEs but failed my A levels pretty badly, scraping into university in Manchester by the skin of my teeth. I did pull my finger out by the time my degree exams came around and actually did myself proud.
  6. I don’t believe that people need degrees to do well in life. Experience at the University of Life is often of more value. Experiences expand your brain. Exams just teach you to regurgitate information, most of which you’ll never use again.
  7. I really do believe in the power of sleep. It’s when my brain files things, dreams up great creative ideas, and even builds spreadsheets. Without a good night’s sleep, I can’t function. I’m lucky. I get a good 9 – 11 hours a night. Also, I don’t set an alarm in the morning. I wake up to the sound of the city.
  8. I don’t own a pair of heels. They make me feel awkward and unfeminine. I feel much more ‘me’ in a pair of Nike Air Max 90s.
  9. My ‘most played’ on iTunes is ‘High Hopes’ by Doris Day, swiftly followed by Shirley Ellis’ ‘The Clapping Song’ and The Ronettes ‘Be My Baby’ – I love a strong female vocal. And / or Bon Jovi.
  10. I no longer wear black. It’s all I used to wear professionally, before I started Wonderland. Now I can’t stand it. It creeps me out, so all my black clothes went to the charity shop. Now I am a true lover of colour, with a brand new, fully fledged adoration of pink.