A massive hello and big virtual hugs  to our newest Wonderlander, Megan (or Meg to her mates). Already nicknamed Megalolz, the lovely Meg is really into space and imaginary dragons (what other kind is there?) but whatever you do, keep those evil peas AWAY.


  1. One of my biggest regrets in life was quitting piano lessons. I have started learning again, but can still remember how to play the entire score of Titanic, so every cloud…
  2. I have an irrational dislike of peas – I do not trust how they move around a plate and how they sneakily end up under chips
  3. I’m completely obsessed with space. I still rate the best day of my life being a VIP tour of NASA in Houston. Yep, it’s ranked above my wedding
  4. My favourite place in the world is Ceredigion on West Wales. I try to visit as much as possible
  5. I once sat on patio furniture drinking cans with Run The Jewels while Limp Bizkit warmed up next to us before a set
  6. When I was younger I thought I broke the world record for the oldest tamagotchi so my dad (the ultimate wind-up) told me to take it to the local newsagents to verify my life changing claim – they obviously had no idea what TF I was on about
  7. I had a very unhealthy relationship with The Wizard of Oz growing up, to the point where my mother had to call me Dorothy for two years and the video had to be hidden. Still can’t really watch it without feeling super weird
  8. I’ve had Sunday lunch with two Prime Ministers
  9. My first EVER sell in on my first day in PR was to The Times, I totally choked and he told me to ‘spit it out’ before hanging up, solid start
  10. I spent my childhood with two wonderful sisters, and an imaginary pet dragon that lived under my desk